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Birmingham Bridesmaid Dresses Australia post I should say at the outset that i'm no republican, and certainly have no problem whatsoever with this attractive young couple tying the knot;I don't even object to the near hysterical press coverage of their every waking moment, from engagement in kenya to choice of wedding dress designer, although that's yet to be confirmed i believe.But what does rankle is the sudden decision to bestow the honour of a 'bank holiday' on the wedding day, friday, april 29th. As we approach the run up to christmas, i know i risk accusations of being a miserable old scrooge, but this is important.We have a fragile economy and the slide into disaster is never far away, just ask taoiseach brian cowen, or belgian prime minister yves laterme, the latest to feel the heat as speculation mounts that yet another eurozone country may default on its debt repayments. And now we reach the nub of my irritation;A day of national celebration;Another day off work.A day off like the other eight bank holidays, which all told are estimated to cost the nation around 55 billion in lost business each year.Can we really afford to turn our noses up at that much business?That much tax revenue?I would suggest not. George osborne recently announced the need to cut 81 billion from Cheap Quinceanera Dresses Australia public spending over the next four years;A figure dwarfed by the 198 billion these 'bank holidays' are estimated to cost the uk economy over the same period. I doubt he or any other chancellor would be brave enough to stand up in parliament and announce a single measure to reduce the deficit by cutting or removing completely these spurious 'holy days', which belong to a time when few were given the luxury of booking time off work. On a serious note, i do feel for the small businesses struggling to get through these difficult economic times.They will have carefully budgeted for the coming six months, and now see a proverbial spanner thrown in their Party Dresses Australia works.We would all like to have the power to announce a day off for everyone, it must certainly help with the popularity ratings, but once again this looks like a politician not fully thinking through all the ramifications of their actions. It gets worse.A quick glance at the calendar indicates a sudden glut of bank holidays in april and may.Will we see employees queuing outside their hr department in the new year to ensure they can book the 26th, 27th and 28th of april off?That would give a full 11 days off, for Party only three days holiday allowance now that's going to cause trouble at the airports.

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