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Ideas for gifts for my german host family Ideas for gifts for my german host family I will be living in germany from september 08 july 09 contained in the congress bundestag youth exchange program through afs.Apple few ideas of what to get my host family, but i wants more.I am locating most american items, plus region specific[pennsylvania].Other crafting ideas are appreciated! Britta [hostmom]:43 yrs.Old, is really a housewife, loves to cook I veto the publication idea for burkhard, that seems unlikely that he will speak english, and if he is doing, it in all probability won be very good.Since you are from pa, maybe you could bring him a beer glass from rolling rock or yuengling some thing?A pittsburgh steelers t shirt? To julia, you may something peanutty, however, not peanut butter?Reese mugs, as well as.I second low price typically all these"Bring pb for your self"Item. Relating to johanna and jana, since you don fully realize much about them, i also realize the"Tourist kitsch from your neighborhood, maybe you could bring them t shirts with your graduation logo or the logo of a local university?German schools by and large don have logo t shirts, so it a really popular thing for exchange students to recall from an exchange year, and concludes them as sort of trendy(Just like wearing stuff from european universities or colleges is sort of trendy here).They would certainly speak at least some english, so consider bringing them some copies of magazines like people or magazines.I taught at a girls gymnasium for some time and my students loved looking at american magazines. Intended to get janina, how about your own toy from when you were 5?Many of(Germanized)American games accessible, but not each of them.Just getting an ami version would be out of this world for her, regardless she got the german one already. For your loved ones in general, consider bringing a nice book of photos of philadelphia.Someone at the local book store will in all probability have some ideas for good ones.If you imagining bringing food, oreos, doritos, take tarts, and old el paso dinner kits are huge addresses. Hope this element helps, and are a good austauschjahr! But american dvds and videos won't run on german players! The rerason that is why is that europe have got the pal system and the usa have the ntsc system plus country codes are also different.The uk have code 2 and usa have code 1. So it might seem of something else then.Can you perspiring hobby any of johanna, jana and janina encounter?Try to a letter, see results about pandora jewelry email are going to do, and discover.You've still got time left. Good luck and lots of fun in germany. Native german knowing of cheap checks of foreign dvds and videos In germany it is a good convention to give the housewife a bouquet of flowers not more than 20 euros and that is it but it is also a good convention that you write a letter when you are at home again home much you like it and that you restarted.And a minimum of for 3 years you have to sent them a birthday card and greetings for christmas and dont forget one,(Not an e mail a real letter any minimum of one page long,). They dont want your finances they want you, Greetings from hamburgoh man this revives memories.I was an convert student to germany as well.I came to be 17, extremely now 34.You love it also.One words of advice is get a journal and write daily.You will forget the little details and having them down on paper will be great for you to go back and reminisce. To your idea: Gifts for your loved ones Get t shirts or ball caps from your area touristy stuff for the children. You possibly do a generic gift to both of the adults(Give as couple of gift)A nice picture frame for their loved ones photo, something of that Pandora Beads 2014 nature.

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